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2023 State of the Group

Hawaii Web Group’s year in review – By Chris Norberg, Project Manager | JANUARY 18TH, 2023

It’s been the hardest year here for Maui, and we’re doing our best to cope, help, and be hopeful.  We’re starting to see visitors come back, and as they begin to restore our economy, our messages of respect, reverence, and contribution are being heard.

(See the previous State of the Group 2022 report)


Some highlights from 2023:

  • 3,772,086 users – The most traffic in a single year that we’ve had comes largely due to the news during and after the fires.  Since then, we’re seeing lower levels than normal.  January 2024 has begun to see normal levels again though.
  • 1,078,121 social followers – We’re back above 1 million!  We let go of all our Oahu social media accounts in 2022 which brought us down.
  • 152,750,808 impressions with 5,036,684 engagements on social media. Our audiences are as engaged as ever and continuing to grow.
  • Though we’re not counting it as part of Hawaii Web Group, we’ve partnered with MauiAccommodations.com and will be offering space to relevant clients in 2023.  We’ve also taken back RoadToHana.com.
  • This year, our focus will be on recovery and systematizing our processes in order to free up time for exponential growth in 2025.

What kind of traffic do our sites enjoy?

An overview of the past and present annual absolute unique visitors (currently referred to as “users” by Google Analytics.)

HWG 2023 Stats

The tragic fires on Maui brought extra visitors, but not for reasons we wanted. We expect 2024 to come back to pre-disaster levels of traffic.

    Hawaii Social Media

    Hawaii Web Group’s social media following and current reach.

    HWG social 2023

    Our goal for 2024 is to maintain similar impressions and engagement. It’s not worth having an audience unless they truly care, so growth isn’t our goal for social.  

      Our Audience

      Hawaii Web Group websites’ audience by gender, age, location, device, as well as social media numbers.

      HWG audience 2023

      Obviously, mobile continues to dominate usage (gaining every year). We’re rebuilding all of our sites to make sure they offer the best mobile experience possible. Our audiences are a nice mix of locals and visitors of Hawaii.

      2024 Goals

      We’ll continue to rebuild our sites, rebrand social media and look for ways to have our impact be positive on our local communities.  Recovery is crucial for every facet of life right now on Maui, so our energies continue to focus on our people and land.

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