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2012 Recap


Hawaii Web Group’s year in review – By Chris Norberg, Project Manager


Here at Hawaii Web Group, we believe in being transparent. This is why we’ve decided to issue a yearly “State of the Group” to let our clients and our ohana know where we stand as of January 2013. See Previous State of the Group.

After reviewing our analytics in 2012, we’ve found that our small group of Maui/Hawaii websites (owned and operated by HWG) brought in the following traffic relative to previous years. All of the numbers below come from Google Analytics. (If anyone shows you numbers for their sites that are derived from some other analytic program, be wary! We only trust Google for this.)


Everything has increased with the exception of Maui Information Guide. We’ve been rebuilding the site all year, so the old site has seen a little neglect. After our launch this February, we’ll see a big jump in traffic to this main site.


    This year our efforts have gone towards growing our social profiles as well as solidifying our current client exposure. We’ve built 2 websites and are rebuilding another:

    MolokiniCrater.com – Due to the viral nature of the infographics and beautiful flash map, this site is doing very well with web visitors.

    RoadToHana.com – This site is completely responsive and looks great across all devices.

    MauiInformationGuide.com – We are almost finished in building the new site. Here is a preview of what to expect: MIG Preview

    For January of 2014, you can expect a similar report. On this new report, you’ll find that the numbers above will have increased substantially. Our goal is to grow by around 25-50% every year for the next 5 years and to market our islands while maintaining an educational emphasis. We want our visitors to leave with more than just a tan. We want them to leave with a better understanding of the unique culture and environment that we love on the islands.



    In 2012, we’ve been extra busy socially on the web. Facebook and Twitter have been our primary focus as well as building new videos. Below are some of our growing numbers.


    We still have yet to hire anyone off-island. All of our independent contractors reside and work on the island of Maui, Hawaii. We believe its important to keep jobs within our own State (especially on our island.)


    All in all, we’re very happy with what our efforts have produced in 2012. It’s been more work than we’d ever imagined, but the feedback from our clients and our increased numbers above make us feel like it’s all worth it. How do we do it? The old fashioned way with a lot of HARD WORK. We believe that nothing worthwhile comes from shortcuts. We build the best content possible and focus on our visitors. If they’re not happy with what we give them, the page (or site) will come down. Overall, we want our impact on the web to be positive in a way where our visitors appreciate the work we’ve done and share it with friends.

    We’re looking forward to sharing our numbers again in 2013!

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