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2017 Recap

2017 State of the Group

Hawaii Web Group’s year in review – By Chris Norberg, Project Manager

This has been our “step-back-assess-fix” year. Hawaii Web Group has been working to rebuild strong sites and eliminate/combine poorer-performing sites.

Unlike 2016 (see the State of the Group 2016 report) we’ve concentrated on cutting down on broad traffic and focusing on ideal traffic. Some of the highlights from 2017:


  • 2,108,914 users – Hawaii Web Group websites decreased in traffic by -7.4% compared to 2016. We’ll accept a loss of another 15% in 2018, as we focus on quality over quantity, get rid of poor-performing sites, and rebuild our strong ones.
  • 627,549 social followers – We had an increase of 13.2% in followers on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram compared to 2016.
  • 60,271,242 impressions with 2,600,221 engagements on social media. We expect this to double in 2018.
  • We’ve eliminated 5 of our websites and combined them into existing websites. We’ve also rebuilt some sites, including: MauiWebCameras.com.
  • We’re heaveily focused on our data now. It turns out, we’ve wasted a lot of time ignoring what our website and social visitors give us as far as information.
  • Growing our monthly Newsletter subscribers is a major focus now. We went from 5K subscribers to nearly 7K in the last few months. We expect to have 10K by the end of the year with over 50% open rate.
  • Ebook – We published the first edition of our Maui Ebook!
  • We lost Brita Corradini to cancer this year. One of the most heart-breaking things that could happen to us. Consider donating to her family. Brita, you will be missed more than words.

What kind of traffic do our sites enjoy?

An overview of the past and present annual absolute unique visitors (now referred to as “users” by Google Analytics.)

Almost every year we’ve seen our own sites grow with quality traffic due to search engine ranking and social media shares. The only time we’ve had negative growth was in 2013 when we put all of our effort into rebuilding our main site, MauiInformationGuide.com. We plan on going through this rebuild process every 5 years or so.

1/2 way through 2017, we began rebuilding. We think it’ll take the rest of 2018 to rebuild and merge sites, and we’ll likely see yet another slow growth year. 2019, we’ll hit it hard again and hopefully grow our website audience by 30%-40%.

    Hawaii Social Media

    Hawaii Web Group’s social media following and current reach.

    We expect all of our social audiences and reach to grow significantly this year, with emphasis on Facebook and Instagram.

      Our Audience

      Hawaii Web Group websites’ audience by gender, age, location, device, and socially.

      Obviously, mobile is a big deal now. We’re rebuilding all of our sites to make sure they offer the best mobile experience possible. Our audiences are a nice mix of local and visitors of Maui.

      2018 Goals

      Hawaii Web Group will continue to build viral content and grow our social audiences.

      We have a few sites we’ll probably build, but more websites will disappear than will be created. Time to roll up the sleeves and make a more solid group of web assets!

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