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2020 Recap

2020 State of the Group

Hawaii Web Group’s year in review – By Chris Norberg, Project Manager

WHAT A ROLLER COASTER! We began a growth year, and once March came, everything shut down.  It’s been a challenge, but we’ve managed to help many of our clients to secure grants and scale back in areas with the least negative consequences.

(Also see the State of the Group 2019 report)

Some of the highlights from 2020:

  • 1,076,300 users – We expected to have a big growth year!  We were on track to make big gains from 2019, but COVID threw a wrench in our sites’ traffic.
  • 921,684 social followers – Social Media growth has been the silver lining to all the problems this year.  Potential visitors are still enjoying updates from afar.  We gained over 82,000 followers across our accounts this year.
  • 205,523,630 impressions with 9,628,719 engagements on social media. Our audience is still as engaged as ever. 
  • We combined many sites as we rebuilt most of them.  Our plan for the future is solid, and you’ll likely see an increase in traffic and social following this next year.
  • We’ve continued to rebuild and set up a better way of measuring client impressions and clickthrough.   We’ve also began rebuilding some of our clients’ sites.

What kind of traffic do our sites enjoy?

An overview of the past and present annual absolute unique visitors (now referred to as “users” by Google Analytics.)

2020 Hawaii website traffic

We were poised to crush last year’s numbers, but for some reason, people were much less interested in traveling this year…  Lucky, we began seeing traffic come back in November of 2020.

    Hawaii Social Media

    Hawaii Web Group’s social media following and current reach.

    2020 Hawaii social media

    We’re hoping to maintain the same reach as we did this last year as the world adjusts back to a potential normal.

      Our Audience

      Hawaii Web Group websites’ audience by gender, age, location, device, and socially.

      Obviously, mobile is a big deal now. We’re rebuilding all of our sites to make sure they offer the best mobile experience possible. Our audiences are a nice mix of local and visitors of Maui.

      2021 Goals

      Finishing the rebuild of all of our sites and rebranding of all our social media will make us ready for when visitors come back in full force.  Already, we’re seeing our traffic grow everyday and social engagement maintaining the same enthusiasm.  By 2022, we’ll have the strongest systems in place that we’ve ever had to promote clients.

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